About Me

I’m an amateur physicist.  I’ve studied physics and philosophy for a very long time, and have investigated some of the unanswered questions in physics with an intent of finding some possible explanations or theories on how they might work.  Two of the most interesting questions for me are whether there is a geometrical basis for quantization and special relativity, and why there is a particle zoo (that is, is there an underlying structure that results in the particle zoo).   I’m well aware of the danger of crackpot theories (usually characterized by just enough knowledge to get things wrong or silly), but allow myself to pursue ideas anyway as long as I’m clear about their speculative nature.  I don’t pretend that I have any significant discoveries to report, but thoroughly enjoy pursuing various ideas about how the universe works.  To faciliate this study, I’ve created a lattice simulator that allows me to test a variety of ideas.

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