Something-From-Nothing, Incompressible Fluids, and Maxwell’s Equations

I have made the claim that our universe must have emerged from nothing via the infinity times zero equation, and that we can derive the behavior of our universe from the geometry of a something-from-nothing system.  The something-from-nothing basis (which I’m going to start abbreviating as SFN) suggests an incompressible fluid, and two really cool consequences result from an incompressible fluid–Maxwell’s equations and three dimensions.

The assumption that a SFN system results in an incompressible fluid is a step of negative logic–you cannot have a compressible fluid as the basis of a SFN system because it implies density variation as a fundamental property–an extra rule on top of a nothing existence.  Then the question has to be asked, what is the origin of that rule, how did it come from nothing–and we’ve lost the deductive power of assuming a SFN system.  You can eventually create compressible fluids but you have to start assuming no density variations (incompressible fluid) and show how such a thing could emerge.

Why assume a fluid at all from a SFN?  That’s a much more complex question that I really want to flesh out later.  For now I would like to state that a fluid is just the result of the emergence of movement of elements of a field from an SFN system.  Developing that step is crucial to making a workable SFN theory, but for right now I want to show what results when you take that step.

An incompressible fluid is a really interesting concept that has no equivalent in real life.  Even an idealized steel bar with no internal atomic flexing is compressible by special relativity–apply a force to one end, and relativity dictates that the bar will compress slightly as the effect of the force propagates at the speed of light across the bar.  But an incompressible fluid violates special relativity and cannot exist as an entity with mass in real life.  However as a basis of a SFN system it turns out it can exist–and the very rules of special relativity have to emerge in the form of Maxwell’s Equations and three spatial dimensions.

You can see this when you realize that an infinite volume of an incompressible fluid cannot be pushed in the direction of an applied force.  Not because of infinite mass (mass emerges from an SFN system, but you can’t use it yet else you will engage in circular reasoning) but because an incompressible fluid won’t move without simultaneous displacement of an adjacent region.  Another way to state it is that incompressible fluids require a complete path for movement to happen.  In addition, movement of that path of fluid cannot initiate unless the limit of the size of the region containing the path approaches zero.  You can see that such a requirement eliminates movement in the direction of the force, only a transverse loop is possible.  You cannot have movement in either a one or two dimensional system–both would require movement to occur in the direction of the force in the infinitesimal limit.  You must have three dimensions*.  And, more profoundly, it is easy to see that Maxwell’s field equations are nothing more than the description of the motion of a fluid that rotates around the axis of an applied force (or vice versa).

Wait–I just said the incompressible fluid cant exist in real life, and is limited to an infinitesimal neighborhood?  Doesn’t that sound pretty useless as a basis for the universe?  No, because we use calculus all the time to integrate infinitesimal effects into a macroscale result.  Think Huygen’s principle, or better yet, Feynman path integrals, and the summing of all possible particle paths of LaGrange motion equations and QFT.  Even quantum entanglement has a geometrical explanation in this model–let me save those for a later post, this is about 10 times longer than anybody will read already!


*You must have at least three dimensions, but this analysis does not prove that more aren’t possible.  I’m thinking at this point that since more dimensions aren’t necessary, LaGrange type minimum energy paths eliminate their existence–although at gravitational scales we start to see evidence of spacetime curvature (more dimensions?).  There’s also arguments for more tiny scale dimensions when QFT is merged with relativity–but on an everyday macro scale of our existence, its quite clear that SFN system educes three dimensions.

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