Symmetry Breaking Particle Basis

If you have any remote connection to physics, and read any of this blog, a logical question I’d expect you to ask is why are you writing about this twist theory thing?  Don’t you know that all the action (eg, Higgs Boson) is all about symmetry breaking and the mass/massless particles that are predicted by it?  The complex interchange/absorption of mass properties to massless particles to explain or predict particles such as the Higgs?

Definitely a good question I ask myself–why do I write on this blog, why waste my time spouting silly thoughts that won’t be read by anyone–and even if it is, why not just write about the current mainstream stuff going on?

I thought about that and here’s why.  I know that there are big efforts to uncover the particle zoo participants.  People a zillion times smarter than me are working on that and there is no way I would have anything to add.  I am going where it seems there is less written about and that I have a personal interest in–the basis system for the particle zoo.  We’ve come up with all these particles and force mediators but the question of how can they exist in our universe doesn’t seem to get much attention (I’m sure it does, I just don’t see much about it).  So I write some of my ideas.  I see a way to tweak the assumption set around Maxwell’s field equations to form particles at the quantum level–see the previous post.

I think this is a fair thing to write about–I’m not pretending to be a research scientist (see sidebar where I make it clear that I’m an amateur).  There’s 163 posts over the last 15 years or so, plus or minus some, talking about lots of physics ideas from the “something from nothing” concept of universe formation all the way up to this twist field thing that I talk about as a basis for particle formation and variations.

If by some stroke of luck you see something in this blog that gives you ideas for research or a paper, go for it!  I don’t need or want credit for it–just use what you see.

Thanks for reading!


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