Atomic Orbital Correction

Oops, an error on the previous post.  I said the strong force is responsible for the repulsion of an atom’s orbital electrons from the nucleus, but of course that’s not right, it’s reponsible for the attraction binding the nucleus particles together.  By quantum mechanics, virtual photons in the EM field provide the electron attraction to the nucleus, and the the electron momentum prevents annhiliation.  In the Twist Theory approach, twists do mediate this interchange, but in the form of linear twist photons–no big surprise, here Twist Field theory does the same thing as quantum theory.  The trouble, though is why is the frequency of the photon what it is?  It would help vindicate the Twist Field theory if there was a plausable twist explanation, but I don’t see it.  As I mentioned in the previous post, the kinetic energy of an orbital is far smaller than the rest energy (and hence wavelength of its twist) of the electron–and the orbital size is correspondingly far larger by 7 or so orders of magnitude.  The twist field could maybe explain the energy of an electron, but right now I don’t see how it could explain the quantization of the orbital energy jumps.  The Rydberg Equation should give a clue with the 1/r^2 factor, but I don’t see a way for this to work geometrically yet.


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