Higgs and time for me to move on

The evidence for the recently found Higgs particle is starting to look pretty solid–the Standard Model made a successful prediction, which means any alternate physics viewpoint is going to have an especially high bar to clear–as if crackpot physics doesn’t already.

While my twist field idea doesn’t contradict anything in the Standard Model, the Higgs is an explanation for some portion of the mass of various particles.  The twist field approach has a different means to get mass, and I don’t see any overlap, which raises the question of whether it is worth my time to continue to work out twist field simulations and derivations.  The twist field approach gives rise to 3D+T solutions that form some  stable particles, and my thought has been that the other particles, including possibly the Higgs, are just more complex geometrical arrangements of twists.

Nevertheless, progress in finding an underlying geometry for the particle zoo now seems more likely to come straight from the Standard Model rather than this twist field idea, which came directly from the E=hv concept as a way to quantize a field structure.  A concept as basic as a twist field should have led to some new revelations similar to the magnitude of the Higgs particle find, but all I have found has been some degree of confirmation of stuff we already know.

I think the time has come to put aside this effort.  Not all paths lead to truth, and while this path has not ended conclusively, I think my travels on it have.  Others may find some validity to the ideas I’ve brought here and continue this line of thought, but not me.

Sayonara to all, I have new worlds waiting for me.



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