Unitary Continuous Fields Cannot be Linear

Well, after considerable thought on that surprising revelation of the previous post, I realized that it is true only for unitary fields.  The QFT solution can be both continuous and linear, because the magnitude of an EM field is not constrained.  I thought of the case of a rogue wave on water, and realized that the median plane symmetry problem results from the  ability of the unitary field to block information from passing.  A unitary field that has a stable state over any surface will block information from passing through.  The median plane between two oppositely charged particles, by symmetry, has to consist of background state vectors, but the field that QFT resides in is non-blocking–think of the rogue wave on water analogy.  One wave can ride on top of another because the magnitude is not constrained, and thus is not blocking.  Information from one charged particle will make it through the median plane to the other particle–but NOT in my unitary twist field theory.

This is a show-stopper for unitary twist field theory.  Unitarity (of field magnitude) is necessary to geometrically create quantization.  I see two options:  either my original premise that the field is sparse, or something other than field magnitude is constraining twist magnitude.


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