Twists and Photons

One thing that may not be clear as I look for unitary field solutions to things like photons–everything has to work, one counter-example and I’m a crackpot pushing a theory that can’t be right.  I had thought that my simulations were using the wrong type of unitary field twist to represent photons (see previous post), that it has to be in line (“bicycle wheel motion”) in order to meet the experimental requirement that photons have the degree of freedom called circular polarization.  I was thinking that only in that case can the twist have circular polarization since the in-line twist can take on any orientation about the direction of travel.

But this is wrong, since the background vector orientation necessary for quantization (all twists must return to this background orientation for quantization to work) specifies a *second* axis that must be intersected.  Acck!! Two non-degenerate (ie, non-overlapping) axes means only one possible plane of rotation.  Such a model provides no degree of freedom for circular polarization.  As I thought about it, I realized the mistake was assuming that rotation had to occur about the axis of twist travel, it doesn’t.  It only must rotate through the axis specified by the background field.   Here’s an attempt to show what I mean:

Demonstration of how the unitary twist model is constrained by the background direction, thus allowing both quantization and circular polarization of photons

So–this may be a crackpot theory, but not because it can’t correctly represent valid degrees of freedom for photon polarization.

So… onwards.  I now have a workable set of constraints that should allow me to model valid unitary field twist behavior.


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