Zero Dipole Moment

By now, I’m guessing every reader has heard the news of the measurement of a zero dipole moment of the electron. A non-zero dipole moment would imply an internal structure of charge (for example, a +1 and a -1 charge). Since it has been measured as close to zero as the experiment will allow, the conclusion is that there is no uneven distribution of charge–the electron is perfectly spherically symmetric. In this blog, I’ve postulated a ring with a single twist of a unitary field. This ring twist is not composed of charged elements–but the ring, being an electron, would eventually have to generate a negatively charged field that is spherically symmetric regardless of ring orientation. I have trouble concluding that a ring could produce a zero dipole moment, even if it is not composed of charged elements. Unlike everything else I’ve seen that would disprove this unitary twist field theory, this is the first time I’ve seen something that would disprove it fairly conclusively. I’ll have to think about this, see if there’s any way the twist ring could work, but this could spell doom for this theory. It’s been fun anyway, and I’ve learned a lot.


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