Strong Force

There is something to be said for attempting to apply the unitary field twist theory to quarks–interesting what has shown up geometrically in my studies. But Feynman is turning in his grave. The strong force (gluons) that mediates quark interactions is far more complex than I realized, and it was rather presumptuous of me to think that a simple theory could explain the complexity of quark interactions. It’s admittedly rather presumptuous that it explains electrons and photons, but I have built up a case that is making some sense, to me, anyway. But quarks are a different animal. There are some pointers in the direction of the field twist. Point-like particles lend themselves well to the field twist approach, and there are some triplet geometries that look like up/down quark configurations. But the strong force is not really showing any connection that is making sense at this point. I suspect the interaction complexities are far beyond my current abilities to model or comprehend (look at ants carrying food back to home–there simply is not the neuronal capacity to absorb the concepts of general relativity). Perhaps some new mathematical tools? Dunno right now.

I’ll continue down this avenue, but chastened somewhat. I’ll play some games with the twist geometry, and research some more about quantum chromodynamics. Not sure where this is going to go, if anywhere.

I did take another look at some electron characteristics and see if there’s an unitary twist field connection I can draw. For example, the Pauli exclusion principle and the fine structure constant (probability of absorbing a photon). I might post some thoughts on this if something interesting shows up.


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