Quark Quark, Quark

Very very interesting. I went through the various potential solutions beyond the linear twist and the ring twist. I discovered some really interesting things. First–there is no possible solution where any twist moves slower than speed c. If there were such a thing, then changing the frame of reference introduces all kinds of bizarre artifacts that can’t happen in real life–in particular, energy isn’t conserved. Second, while the twist speed of propagation is fixed, the twist rate is not. But at this point I do not see any possibility for a non-planar solution that is stable. I don’t yet see any stable solution that isn’t one or more rings. I don’t see any possible solution with two rings, each with one twist, none are stable.

But here is an amazing discovery: it looks like there are two stable solutions with two rings, one of which twists twice as often as the other. There’s no constraint, even under quantization, of how frequently the twist happens. You can put one slow twists in series into an outer ring, and two fast twist making the center ring–or take two fast twists in series for the outer ring, and a slow twist for the center ring. This appears to be the only possible stable solutions for embedded rings. Why does up-up-down and down-down-up spring to my mind? Because I’m a hopeless optimist! That’s the terrible danger of scientific investigation: you know the solution you want, and the mind starts seeing things that may or may not be real… But this is exciting stuff! I did take a look again at the two ring/one twist solution–it looks like it might also be stable, I need to recheck that. I’ll do some simulation work this weekend to confirm.

I don’t know if what I am doing has any relation to reality whatsoever, but something else more important is happening. I have, all my life, wanted to be a scientist, a researcher. My life went in other directions and the opportunity to do that is probably long gone–yet it’s been thrilling to do this amateur level thinking. I wouldn’t be surprised if many real physicists get disillusioned with the difficulty of doing novel work these days or gaining respect for their papers or research–there’s just few areas to investigate truly novel ideas, and way too many very smart researchers. But as an amateur, I am free to explore and discover and be excited about whatever I choose–and when I find something fun to think about and investigate, doesn’t that make life worthwhile and meaningful?!! There’s definitely a theme from Man of LaMancha here. If one of you real researchers were to hand me a mirror, I would most likely be disappointed in what I see, but the hope for me will be that this was a life well lived anyway…


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