The Search is On

After doing a lot of thinking about where I’m going with all of this, I concluded that if there is any possibility of truth to the Unitary Field Twist theory, there should be other particles predicted by it. I’ve done a lot of promising work on why it works for photons and electron/positrons, but it is now time to see if any connection can be found for other particles. I will look at other geometrical twist combinations and see if anything else stable shows up. Quarks, for example–by themselves, quarks cannot exist, unless in ultrahigh energy fields such as close to the big bang. But protons and neutrons are stable combinations of three quarks. Mesons are not stable, but are simpler (quark/antiquark pairs). Neutrinos are stable (lifetime not currenly known) but muons are not. I am going to set up 1/3 and 2/3 charge twists for quark models, and look at other +/- charge twist cases and see if there’s any stable geometrical solutions that point to these particle masses.

No numerology here, though. I’m not playing any wishful thinking games here, there’s not going to be any reports here of “it’s so close, it has to be right!”. None of that crackpot baloney. I would have to be extremely lucky to find anything, and I’m betting a million physicists have already been down the road of trying to find a numerical pattern to the particle zoo. I’m coming at it with the different insight of the unitary twist field, so perhaps I’ll find something. But more likely than not, I won’t–because I would guess every possible mathematical relation has already been searched. So–this is more for me than for science as a whole. I would be remiss not to do this search given that so much of this unitary field twist work has looked so promising. If I find something, I would be in seventh heaven because that would vindicate my work (at some level, anyway–it still wouldn’t be proof). Far more likely, I will find no combination of twists that will yield other particles, in which case I will have to concede that the promising work has just been a flash-in-the-pan (I assume that expression comes from a false alarm for gold panning).

But I think this is the right course of action. It’s time to fish or cut bait–either other particles will show up as geometrical twist solutions, or it’s time to let the unitary twist field head out to pasture. I’ll report on what I find here.


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