Lumniferous Ether

One of the principles of the unitary field twist as a model for quantization is the need for a background state vector direction. Quantization results because twists in the field cannot dissipate (because it is both unitary, ie, directional, and topologically stable (cannot unravel without moving the twist somewhere). If there were no background state, there would be no tying down of the ends of the twist (that is, matching the background state direction) and hence no quantization. For this to work, there has to be a lowest energy state model if vectors align to this background state–I still am thinking about how that would work. I suspect that the physical requirement of analytic continuity may be sufficient, but in any event, the field twist theory requires a default localized direction preference.

I have to be careful though. Back at the beginning of the 20th century, EM waves were discovered, and light was discovered to be an EM wave. Up to that point, and even to now, all other wave environments had a medium that the wave propagated through (for example, ripples on water). It was hypothesized that light also had a medium, called the lumniferous ether, that oscillated to permit propagation. Michelson and Morley tested for the existence of this ether by trying to observe directional variations in the speed of light, and found no trace. Light and other EM waves show no trace of a medium–yet I am hypothesizing a background state.

I think the field twist theory is OK, though–I am only proposing that there be a localized directional, but continuous, background state. Different frames of reference would show only that the field was pointing in a particular direction as a default–there is nothing in this scheme that affects the constant speed of light property in all frames of reference. I’m not saying that there is a medium, I’m only saying there is a localized background preferential direction–very different than claiming the existence of a lumniferous ether.


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