Addendum to Eeeeeeeewww Equations post

One thing to note in the previous post: You may have read where I describe Schroedingers Wave Equation solution for the free electron, and wondered… Uhh, why is this nut saying twist rings describe electrons when we already have a provably correct quantum solution for electrons? Oh, that is a brilliant question, but the answer is that we don’t have a provably correct quantum solution for electrons or even photons. Remember that the Schroedinger wave equation gives us a probability distribution for where the particle is and what the states of the particle are when it interacts with something. It cannot and does not describe the particle internals. Field twists are my attempt to resolve what is actually going on internally in the particle, and must first correctly give the observation outcomes specified by Schroedinger’s wave equations and all of the rest of quantum and relativity theory. Only if verified in this way can we then draw additional conclusions from the theory based on twist geometry.

Now this brings up another question, which is due to the brilliant work by John Bell (who should have received a Nobel Prize for his work but died first–Nobels cannot be awarded post-humously). He proved that entangled particles cannot have substructure as a means for explaining the non-causal propagation of state resolution. Yow, I’ll bet that was a mouthful to absorb–but it has implications for my attempt to describe photons and electrons as a field twist. We’ll go there another day.

I added a glossary with brief descriptions of terms I use a lot here, I hope you find that helpful (and accurate) in reading my stuff.


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