No, that’s not it…

In going over the Klein-Gordon equation, which creates a generalization of the wave equation that works in different frames of reference, I suddenly realized that the confinement of a twist to an infinitesimal region can’t be right. I had the right idea but the wrong frame of reference, if a twist is confined to a finite region in the particle’s frame of reference, it will indeed be confined to an infinitesimal region in any other frame of reference. The problem is we know that photons have a finite wavelength in our frame of reference, which means that the twist will take infinitely long, both in space and time, in the particle’s frame of reference. This means that if there is no field discontinuity as a twist propagates, it can’t be because the twist in it’s entirety is confined to an infinitesimal–a nice solution, because then the quantizing of a twist in a background state doesn’t cause geometrical problems. But light has a measurable wavelength, so this can’t be right. It’s not the end of the theory though–special relativity may still present a way for the propagation of the twist to constantly stay ahead of contradictory field states. Study of the Klein-Gordon equation may show a way. What’s interesting is that I realized there is another case where there is known to be a field discontinuity–the relativistic motion of an electron produces an electromagnetic field that has a radiating discontinuity. I’ve been trying so hard to avoid discontinuities, but others have derived them.

If discontinuities are possible, though, then the unitary field model has a problem. I already knew the unitary field model would have to reconcile the macroscopic EM field behavior we see, which does allow fields to go to zero (the principle tenet of the unitary field model explains quantization as a twist of a field that cannot go to zero and thus dissipate).

Onwards–I don’t think I’m going around in circles because I’m ruling out possible geometrical scenarios one by one. Hopefully something will remain.


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