Quantum Field Theory

OK, having thought this through, I still think this solution makes sense, although I realized that while the radial solution can’t give polarized photons, it still will be a legal field twist solution moving at c along the axis of the twist. Special relativity still says this rotation will have to occur in an infinitesimal neighborhood.

But as I chewed on this, I almost immediately had the obvious question–if this is true, then what is an electrostatic field? A magnetic field? How do these quantized twists combine to create our observed macroscopic behavior–especially, if both fields are just arrays of photons, what’s the difference? Any of you with a physics background will immediately answer, that’s well defined by quantum field theory, the math coming from Dirac and Klein-Gordon equation solutions. Fields are typically described as a system of quantum oscillators and the math works well, so how do I reconcile my thinking about twists with this stuff?

The biggest danger with running up against QFT is that I will be so totally wasting my time to try to add anything to it. Let me probe along this direction for a little while and see if something reasonable comes out or whether to take my thinking down another path.

A few thoughts I did have, ignoring QFT for a moment is that my recognition (that I just mentioned above) that there are two classes of special relativity field twists, both of which are wave twist solutions that are confined to an infinitesimal neighborhood in every frame of reference but its own. One class is the rotating bicycle wheel, which can orient in an R2 space about the axis of travel and thus gives us a model for polarized electrons. The second class is the axially rotating twist, which cannot give us any polarized solutions, and thus might be a model for the flux of a magnetic field. When I ask why some systems of photons give electrostatic fields and some give magnetic fields, and some give both, the twist solution seems like it might give an insight as to why. But QFT is the be-all and end-all that should answer this question, so I’m going to dig in and see if I can understand what it says about this question.

In a separate spate of thinking, going back to the infinitesimal twists that I worked out in the last post, I thought some about what is the photon level difference between an electrostatic field and a magnetic field. Ignoring my twist solution for a moment, I realized if we were to try to represent an electrostatic field by a point source with quantized photons streaming out from it, the strength of the field at any distance r is going to be proportionate to 1/r^2, just like the electrostatic field we know and love (the surface integral of the photon density on a sphere surrounding this point source should be constant, which means the photon density will vary inversely as the area of the sphere surface, which varies as r^2). The magnetic field flux density should obey a 1/r^3 rule because now the photon density from pole to pole of a point source will intercept a volume, not a surface. This 1/r^3 principle for twists was the founding principle of my discovery of the soliton twist ring solution described in my Paradoxes of a Point Source Electron paper. So–seems like while this is still a very primitive and early thought process, so far it seems to fit, and this thinking would be valid regardless of what you think a photon looks like.

OK, now let’s confront QFT. The first thought I have is this business about Virtual Photons and off-shell behavior. As I understand it, these are mathematical artifacts and do not represent actual physical behavior–the quantized field is an entity with system behavior that can be described by infinite interactions (ignoring self interaction of particles for the moment, which require renormalization techniques) of virtual photons. Kind of a goo that has quantized ripples in it that can’t be confined to infinitesimal twists.

Uhh, that’s not going to accommodate my twist theory at all, it looks like at this point. Let me try to get a better understanding of just what QFT is saying about electrostatic and magnetic fields before I decide where to take this thinking…


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