First Results

Wow. This simulator is an amazing tool. I have discovered that I made a mistake in how I created the field, but in the process have learned a truth, I think. I’ll express it as a theorem because I haven’t thought it through yet or how I can prove it, it’s just at the “that makes sense” stage. It is this. If the unitary Maxwell’s field approach and my sim interpretation are correct, then a particle must have a field discontinuity.

Yow. So much for my clever 3D solution, because what I think I found is if there is no discontinuity, then there is always a path where the particle will dissipate–even a twist in a unitary field.

That would be a seismic change in my thinking. The generalization would be that there is NO geometric field solution that is stable if there is no discontinuity. I’m not yet sure if I believe that–it seems that if a twist in a field is not topologically equivalent to a constant field, then the topological type would be stable (a twist cannot dissipate into a constant field unless it is topologically equivalent). So what is the answer? Is the twist topologically equivalent, or did I make a mistake in how I handle the field sim?

I suspect I made a mistake in the sim and the twist is illegally creating a discontinuity that causes dissipation–or, actually what is more likely, the way I set up the field is wrong is causing dissipation. I already know that is true, and should have that fixed shortly. But, the sim also makes no attempt to correctly handle or prevent creation of a discontinuity (I had assumed I wouldn’t be dealing with them according to my theory). So, now I’m building in the mechanics in the sim to handle a field discontinuity, and also checking how the sim handles the twist topologically.


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