Where Am I??

If you’ve been following me here (thank you!) you may wonder if (or hope that, depending on your opinion of my views:) I’ve disappeared. Nope. But the trouble with blathering on a blog is that the time I spend writing does not produce data, and my twist ring idea needs substantiation. I’m deep in the process of creating a correctly working unitary Maxwell field sim that should demonstrate some of what I’ve been blabbing about, or disprove it. I’ve recently obtained a bigger, faster, more memory machine to do this work, and I’ve successfully rewritten the sim to be fully threaded (so in theory I can take advantage of up to 12 processing streams at once). The sim itself is running but I’ve got some bugs in displaying the results, I’m working on that right now. Once I get the sim more or less functioning, I will rewrite to use the SIMD instruction set, this should run around 50 times as fast as I have right now. Yes, you could make an argument that an analytic methodology would be a better way to prove/disprove what I’m thinking–but I like the visual approach, because even if I’m wrong, visualizing the geometry can sometimes guide me to a correct solution.

Stay tuned–pretty close to having some initial results. Here’s some pics before the twist is released:


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