The Idea of a system that has ideas in it

Continuing from the previous post on what I find so fascinating about our existence: we live, we die, are just two permutations of ordering in a system that otherwise doesnt really change. And–ideas have different levels of realization. There are ideas that haven’t been formed by an intelligence but could be, ideas that have been abstracted in the mind of an intelligence, and ideas that have been built. Since built ideas are constructed in systems that are themselves potentially ideas (complex constructions of fundamental particles)–which may just be a continuously managed set of abstractions in the mind of an intelligence with no loss of generality. In other words, there is no conceptual difference between an idea that is built on a truly physical set of objects, or an idea constructed in the mind of an intelligence that maintains a set of rules in his mind of what that object does.

This is wonderful stuff! New horizons for me and my philosophical thought, reaching deeply into what it means to be alive–it’s just an idea, anyway! Yow, this is getting profoundly recursive, it’s turtles all the way down or is it? I think not–but I have to go, back in a day or two..


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