A New Fork in the Road

My thinking process has winded its way through a lot of physics in the last several years, and I’m slowly working my way through a computer simulation of some of this work. However, the problem with attempting to work on a problem in physics, even if it’s oriented toward understanding the greater overall picture, is that I must augur in to the problem with such intensity that I miss the forest for the trees. I have to truly prove that my thinking is correct or at least isn’t obviously wrong–and that takes a gigantic amount of time and thinking energy. The problem with that is that in my short life span, there’s not really time to do that, and in fact I’ve begun to realize that it’s not really even necessary.

Let’s look at my goals and whether that effort will contribute to them. Suppose I do find that twist rings have a valid solution space and match what we see in the real world. If I succeed, which the simulation might show but will require an enormous investment of my time, all I will have done is constructed an artifice that better shows the possibility that our existence can emerge from nothing. That is a huge deal, because my ultimate goal has been to try to establish whether this existence (or my existence and consciousness) was self-emergent or whether an intelligence guided it. In other words, is there a God, or not.

Lately, I’ve decided to think more in the direction of what the whole concept of adding to my knowledge about whether God exists or not means. That is, never mind the question of whether God exists or not, but rather what does it mean that I am asking that question. To make a long story short, (that is, a description of the latest bout of my thinking), I’ve realized first that my/our existence that we call reality is really just an idea that has experienced some degree of realization in a medium. For example, I think it is clear that the difference between a “live me with consciousness” and a “dead me with no consciousness” is just a different arrangement of particles–so I’ve concluded that there is not that much difference between reality and an idea.

To attempt to prove this, I think I’ve mentioned in the distant past here that ideas are constructs of other constructs, and the constructs can be expressed either in ones mind or of particle arrangements. Both are ideas and are essentially the same concept, but we happen to call one of those “reality”. One way to see this is to suppose that this existence of particles is just a consistent ordering of thoughts in some God’s mind. I am doubtful that is what is going on here, but the fact that that is a possibility (that our existence is merely sequences of neuronal information exchanges in a God’s mind or even a automated device like a computer) forces me to acknowledge that our reality is really just an idea.

As a result, my thinking has dug into the ideas about ideas, the realization that understanding what it means to have ideas is more critical than whether the twist ring theory has validity, or even whether God exists. You say, whoa, I don’t believe you–whether God exists or not is the most important question there is! And now I would respond “Is it? Suppose we could prove that God does or does not exist? What have we done?” And I think the truth is, not much. Sure, we might discover a purpose in life or get blessed reassurance about life and death and all–big things for us personally, but actually not too meaningful overall when you consider our existences and life and death really are just simple ideas with a complex implementation.

What is far more interesting is to realize that in the end, this existence and my consciousness is revealing the interplay of ideas with varying degrees of consistency. I have only a certain amount of time before the realized idea of me, which is enabling the idea of consciousness/self awareness, loses its consistency and breaks down and I die. In that time, can I form new ideas that raise my level and understanding of my self-awareness. I’ve expanded my ultimate goals, not just to find God, but to understand better what that idea means, and ultimately to understand what it means to be an idea capable of forming new ideas. Kind of a Grand Theory of Theories sort of a thing.

I have this vision that in 2000 years, mankind’s entertainment will be solely mental–manipulating particles (arms and legs in football, playing piano, travelling, etc) will long since have ceased to appeal to minds, but rather, we will engage in games or perhaps better, experiences, of manipulating and interchanging ideas about ideas and existence!

Alright, enough for one post. But you can see where I’m going. My life is heading toward the final stages, and I’m running out of time to put or form any new concepts in my brain. I’m feeling this biological clock that says, hurry–you are a self aware, self computing, self analyzing, sensing brain–but only for awhile. Hurry, hurry, you need to give birth to a critical idea that transcends, but you may not get there in time before the idea of you self-destructs……….


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