Simulation Work underway

OK, getting the unitary field simulation underway–this is a really great way to visualize the potential of this approach–and a nice guide for checking my twist ring stuff. So far I don’t see a showstopper but I did have to resolve some issues. For example, if the field is unitary, then how come remote charges sense electric fields that are stronger or weaker–that is, how can you get a unitary field to represent potentials caused by a large number of charges? The devil is in the details that kills every crackpot physics idea, and this one has been nagging me. Two possibilities I see right now, either quantum particles only cause local unitary field variations, or there’s some complex interaction/vector arrangement that, Fourier-like, induces the effect of high potential by the frequency of vector changes. I don’t buy the first because to quantize a particle with precise limits imposed by E=hv, there cannot be a degree of freedom in the field magnitude. I kind of dont like the second option either but will go down this road for now.

One thing the simulation does show is the need for a background state–since the field is unitary, it cannot go to zero, but vector differences in the field are not permissible because this would create localized electric potentials. It’s possible this field is random (and might explain quantum jitter behind things such as brownian motion) but I have trouble with that because at some scale there is going to be work done (a perpetual motion engine). For now, I am assuming a localized unidirectional background and see what the sim does when that is disturbed with a twist.

I did my first run of that today.. and the twist promptly disappeared into the background. Oops, something is not right with my implementation, have to try some sanity checks. I kind of have a hunch the right answer will be random background…


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