Back to Thinking

Well, I finished the programming contest, but didnt win anything or have anything to show for all that effort. Blecch. I wont do that again, that was a fairly significant waste of my spare time.

But now I’m ready to get back to my physics thinking work. I’d left off with my Paradoxes of the Point Source Electron at scribd, which describes the known issues with a point source electron and how a field twist ring model of the electron would address those issues. About 6 months ago, I began an attempt to more rigorously define just what a field twist ring is. The twist ring combined with the quantized E field of a photon led me to believe that the twist ring is a unitary complex vector field in R3 + T, unlike Maxwell’s EM field which is not unitary. The premise is that the unitarity is necessary to create the quantum behavior of particles while still being valid solutions of Maxwell’s equations.

To try to get some insight as to what kinds of behavior would result from a unitary field that obeys Maxwell’s field equations, I did some simple Mathematica analysis, but quickly discovered that I needed more detail to simplify the solution space, so I attempted an iterative solution, first in Mathematica, then as memory became an issue, moved to a C program to model this unitary field.

As mentioned a while ago here, sometimes you can find flaws in your thinking just in the process of attempting to create the sim, and I found an important one–if Maxwell’s field equations embody the conversion of twist to amplitude and vice versa, a unitary field will not work–it can only twist but cannot change amplitude. It was this discovery that made me realize that while the Paradox paper appears to make a good case for a twist ring, I need to augur in and specify exactly how this is going to work. I have to specify mathematically what the behavior and structure of the unitary field is, and I need to show, or at least provide a reasonable hypothesis, as to how this field will produce the macroscopic EM effects shown by Maxwell’s equations. In addition, I have to show that this field will produce a propagating photon and a stable twist ring.

I’ve already done some of this thinking and will detail where I am in my next post.


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