Back: working on the twist field simulator

Well. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, mostly because creating the scribd paper, and refinining it several times, diverted my efforts from this blog. Now the paper is done, and I am now doing the EM twist simulation in an effort to see if I can prove that the twist ring conforms to field Maxwell’s equations. I’m going to also try some Mathematica work to see if some simple analytic solutions for photon twist cases are possible.

Because this effort still is taking much of my thinking time, I don’t know how regularly I will post here. The big question isn’t answerable by my usual thinking processes, and this really is the big question that will decide which way my thinking goes. So–I’ll try to post occasional updates here, but my goal for the coming year is in that analysis. Right now, the simulator is up and running and looks like its working right, so soon I will put in a photon twist model and see if it will propagate correctly.

Here’s the latest output that is time delayed after an initial condition consisting of a largely empty field with a fixed 3×3 array of x directed E field components:

The cool thing about going away from generic thinking that I have been doing to an actual proof of a concept is that it force your thinking down channels or constraints that aren’t necessarily visible when just thinking. For example–this initial demonstration showed how magnitudes rapidly get out of control and illustrated that my hypothesis that the quantum EM field is a unitary field probably has to be true. I will rework the simulator to enforce this constraint. This requirement is mathematically equivalant to stating that accelerations are always perpendicular to the field element direction (velocity must be normal to the field element direction). Results to come in a few days. After that, if that looks good, I will create an initial condition that contains a linear twist and see if it self-propagates. If it does, I am probably on the way to showing that twist rings are a valid solution to Maxwell’s equations (it appears to be impossibly difficult to derive this analytically from differential equations) and that twist rings would be a sufficiently valid solution to represent our reality.

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