Ok, I’ve done some work on getting the Twist Ring paper out and revised. I like it, and it seems not too dumb–but now it’s time to attack the math and do my best to prove it true. This means getting the Twist Ring equation worked out and seeing how it solves in a Maxwell’s EM field. If this pans out, then I’ll submit the paper to be peer reviewed–a rough process. The last time I did that, it was rejected, the work was somewhat a waste of time. But this set of ideas seems reasonable enough that I think it’s worth another try.

Maxwell’s field equations essentially equate the change of the B field to the curl of the E field and vice-versa (with a changed sign). The twist ring is a solution to these equations with an initial condition of Ere(theta) = e^i Pi (k theta – wt) where Ere is the field on the ring around angle theta from 0 to 2 Pi. Being a ring, there is no problem with an analytic solution since there is no start or endpoint–although a first order derivative may show a discontinuity crossing the ring circumference, given the zero width criteria. But the photon is harder–it has endpoints for the twist. Does the twist suddenly start and end (which will give problems with function discontinuities if not already in a vector field). A Gaussian might make more sense, but is a problematic solution in a Maxwell’s field environment, previous attempts to quantize photons don’t work–perhaps a twist solution will.


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