Robots! Computer Game! Analyzers! Piano! Home Control! Teaching! LDI LVDS! SVGA LCD! DDR!

This week, I went into project overload, and didn’t do any thinking! (Hey, peanut gallery, no comments about that last one!)  Well, OK, I did do some.

If my twist ring analysis is correct, I should be able to derive the inertial motion of a twist ring independent of mass, which means that a solution for Planck’s constant could be found independent of the electron mass.  So, I set up a field force on the twist ring, and was able to determine that the delta field would cause a 2x proportionate radius change, which means that the delta movement of a ring is going to be proportionate to that field delta (to a first order approximation).  From there, I can use the Lorentz force equations equated to E=hv to get the inertial behavior of the twist ring.  I also looked at muons and neutrinos to see if any geometrical stuff gets us to those–but unfortunately I can prove there are no other EM twist solutions besides the one that gives the twist ring electron, and my analysis using the strong force and other permutations shows no solutions in the muon and neutrino mass range.

So you know what, I need a break for now, my mind is reeling a bit and just needs some fun projects.  I worked on Gorple II (he’s a Gorple Mech), and went to a robotics club meeting here to show off what I’ve done so far.  He needs some hands, but more than that he needs a brain.  (It’s a dirty job, but someone around here needs one).

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Then I worked on my top secret computer game that is in competition with a certain other oogy person, and it already is so utterly stunning that if I’ve gave any more details he would collapse in despair.  But I’ll need players to give it a try before too long.

Then I worked on an FPGA project which will substantially upgrade my display boards for two beautiful color LCD displays that will be used in several projects, including home control.  I’m also working on my camera board and a new DDR SDRAM interface for both Gorple Mech and the analyzer.

And the lawn desperately needed some attention, so I used a lot of Roundup on it so I won’t have to worry about it until next year.  (well, ok, not really, but that’s what it looks like).

And I’m now cranking on Chopin’s Grand Valse Brilliante and the F minor Beethoven Sonata (the easy one, not the hard one.  Memorization in two months or so.

Oh, and I went to work.  Not sure what I did there.


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