The experiment!

In the last post, I had hypothesized that accelerator experiments would give identical results whether the target particle was a point source, a line with zero thickness, or a ring or other shape with zero thickness. Each case would appear as a knife edge in an accelerator experiment, you would not be able to determine the shape of the knife edge.

However, there should be a way to distinguish, even on the tiny scale of the twist ring. Here is the experiment: the twist ring of the electron absorbs a photon of any size when it penetrates the twist ring, but ignores the photon otherwise (this is why the twist ring is geometrically such a good model for photon absorption–it provides a concrete, geometrical solution for absorption of photons that are 100000s bigger than the electron, whereas the point source electron model is extremely problematic here). If we have a volume of free electrons, and assert a magnetic field to line up the electron magnetic moments, we should be able to shoot a laser at the free electrons from different angles to get measurably different absorption rates. If the laser is aimed relative to the magnetic moment of the aligned electrons, and if the electron is a twist ring of some diameter, there should be different levels of absorption of the laser photons, because if the beam is in the plane of the twist ring, the absorption cross section is a line, whereas if the beam is normal to the ring plane, the absorption cross section is the interior of a circle. I think this experiment could be easily done in a cathode ray tube. Aiming a laser at different angles into the magnetic coil deflection region of a cathode ray tube, and measuring the intensity of the dot on the cathode ray tube as different magnetic fields are applied, should point to whether or not the electron is a twist ring. A point source will show no variation, but a twist ring will.


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