Twist ring simulation pictures

That was a really exciting insight about twist rings! To prove that I wasn’t just being stupid, or at least less crackpotty than most wannabes, here are some simulation pictures of the twist ring model. Notice how it is stable and has the same radius regardless of a variety of particle initial conditions. It sometimes oscillates as it approaches the ring state but always locks into the final ring. This was an incredibly important outcome for my study–because if you model a ring with electrostatic forces and momentum, you do *not* get a stable ring–you get ellipses and other shapes depending on the initial conditions, and perturbations are not restoring. The 1/r^3-1/r^2 model using both electrostatic and magnetic forces is the first geometrical ring model that I have found that is stable and self-restoring.

Here is a magnified view, it’s a little easier to see the ring here

Some more initial conditions, but all settle into the stable ring state.


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