what have I done?

Blogging about something is an interesting endeavor–the bad news, is nobody ever reads a blog. The good news, is nobody ever reads a blog. I can write whatever I please, with a near certainty, within various cultural behavioral limits, that no one will ever care. This allows for a wonderfully free train of thought that can just go wherever it pleases, and allows me a mirror, however accurate or not, for me to discover what I really think, and even, who I really am and want to be. I can choose to be honest or deceptive, try to impress or just journal, be conscientious and thorough or throw out inaccurate or misleading junk. I can and do get enjoyment out of pretending that there is someone out there that actually wants to wade through all my drivel, is impressed by it, and is about to rush off to Sweden to recommend a Nobel Prize, or that I show up at Carnegie Hall (I teach and play piano), or some other deliciously warm thought that enlivens my day.

I’m not so disconnected from reality that I recognize the absurdity of these thoughts as being as likely as what I call the bad date hope: back in my young days I would pursue a gal in the hopes she would like me, go on a date, and never get a second date. The analogy is in my hopefulness that the gal actually liked me (I was, and still am, rather anti-social and kind of weird, and have some nasty demons I carry around) and if I just kept trying, the Truth would set me free for the idealized life I envisioned with her. I’ve long since recognized in me the human penchant for pointless hopefulness as a variation of the bad date hope, and learned in many later situations to shut down hopefulness of something that clearly isn’t meant to be.

On the other hand, I have been extraordinarily fortunate and blessed several times in my life where my activities and thinking has opened a goldmine of great richness that has transcended the normal life. I have some patent work that has resulted from wonderful insights that revolutionized how certain things are done, and I did eventually marry and have some family situations that added richly to my human experience. Those moments where I recognize the transcension are carved brightly into the corners of my mind as memories to keep and joy of fulfilled hope that is not that ugly old, pointless, bad date hope.

I can’t tell if my thoughts about twist loops is pointless, fun but not relevant to reality, or is one of my serendipitous moments, or what–but I do know for sure it has now opened up a door from the previous level of thinking. All the thinking I’d been doing up to now has been considered as possible, but the likeliness of it going anywhere was definitely just wishful thinking, probably already hashed out a century ago when people were still working out how to interpret the first experimental quantum observations in what is called a classical or geometrical way. The human mind wants and craves a logical explanation, and a century of university training has been used to drive physics students away from logic when it comes to quantum theory. It just has not been helpful to think this way when dealing with this branch of science because the contradictions and mathematical paradoxes have been insurmountable. Yet here I am, thinking maybe this great example is the one special exception. I am so tempted to think this latest enlightenment means something, but long experience has taught me that that kind of bad date hope thinking is unique to physics crackpots in particular.

As I mentioned though, blogging is great, because here I can explore ideas to the fullest I desire–I can travel in places where real physicists have been trained not to go. And lo, I believe that I have found that there is a stable wave solution with the right degrees of freedom to represent some of the particles in our existence. While I’ve never felt the need to clarify the math behind many of the statements I’ve made on this blog since I suspect no one will ever wade through it all, there’s always that bad date hope in the back of my mind that says this one is important enough that that one reader is going to maybe need a little guidance what I was thinking.

So, let me just mention that the twist ring is a complex valued field. The field normally has some analytic complex valued function, but around the circumference of a ring, the field undergoes a 2*Pi twist of this complex field as it goes around. The twist (and thus the energy of the field) is quantized because when the twist comes full circle, it must rejoin the twist phase at the start. The discovery, if it is worthy of being called that, is that not only is there quantization of the twist field energy and radius at a given frequency, but that the field energy (or frequency, or radius, or mass–all are dependent variables) have only specific allowable states because the twists have both electrostatic attractive forces (opposite sides of the ring have opposite field potentials and thus are attracting charges) but repulsive magnetic forces since the force on either of a pair of antiparallel magnetic moments is in the direction of decreasing magnetic field, that is, away from each other. A further aspect of the discovery is that since electrostatic fields diminish as 1/r^2, but magnetic fields diminish as 1/r^3, the opposing forces can only intersect in one place, meaning that there is one r for which the forces will be equal and opposite and thus would be an equipotential solution. And most important of all, perturbations on this equipotential solution are restoring–any solution at r + delta results in a -k delta net force, and an r – delta distance results in a + k delta force, because 1/r^3 – 1/r^2 is positive (repulsive)at r r0.

So what have I done? Not even wrong? Interesting? Who cares? Well, since nobody reads blogs, a big tree has just fallen in the forest. I guess I’ll follow this rabbit hole and see where it goes, and there will come a time where I won’t come back out, and no one will notice or care. But what a fun ride!


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