twists and quantization

I wouldn’t fault you for asking so what? to twists, since I claim that the solution should be valid for standard model physics, in particular as solutions to the Schroedinger and Dirac equations. But twists bring some new things to the table. First, the one dimensional nature of the twist provides for two degrees of freedom in 3D (see prior two posts), thus permitting both satisfactory twist models for both circularly polarized photons and electron/positrons, assuming they are rings. Second, this one dimensional topological structure shows a geometrical means for a tiny particle to absorb a low energy (and hence very very large) photon in its entirety (to me, this is an important question that standard model physics doesn’t appear to raise at all, as far as I know). And third, and conceivably most importantly, the requirement that a twist must contain one or more complete turns provides a geometrical mechanism that explains Einstein’s discovery of quantized photons (the Standard Model does not provide a reason for why quantization exists).

You could imagine an atom orbital electron starting to emit a twist in the EM field that would propagate as a photon, but suppose it doesn’t quite have enough free energy in an orbital level drop to produce a complete twist (rotation of the EM field that makes up a photon). Unable to propagate due to the requirement that the start and end points of a propagating photon must have the same normal vector direction, the orbiting electron retains the energy. Only those orbital drops that produce sufficient energy for the twist will emit.

This leads to the question, why wouldn’t a partial twist propagate, or exist at all? I have some ideas–it may be as simple as a topologically stable twist must point in the same direction as the background EM field (remember my proposal that produces particles simply by altering the phase of unitary waves–this is the only workable explanation for entangled particles, the two slit experiment, etc). This feels uncomfortable, though, since you could argue that there are local areas in a field where waves cancel, thus having no available direction to enforce quantization.

I’ll have to do some more thinking on that–but there’s no question in my mind that twists just about have to be the only available geometrical model that will give photon and particle quantization. I want to see if this sets the path for a good explanation for why rest state free electrons have a specific mass and no other.



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