The Idea of Ideas

The second train of thought I have had is the idea of ideas. In a previous post, I realized that an existence can emerge with ideas. As always, I’m assuming no guiding creator–if there is one, than my attempts to think about things is moot, because the creator can have any reason He desires for the decisions we see. Only if this creation is unguided does logical thought have a purpose. This is the reasoning behind The One Rule post a while back. If there are multiple independent rules guiding the creation, then that requires something that created the distinguishing factors. Only if there is one rule (for example, the rule could be that nothing created this existence, it came into being from nothing–the train of thought behind the scaleless system of previous posts).

What does it mean for a system to emerge with ideas? This system shows observable quantum entanglement. If the noncausual nature of entanglement is taken as it appears, this says that there is an emergent quality of time and distance that is not fundamental. If these are not fundamental, then the property of distinction is emergent also, thus implying that countability and measurability are emergent properties. If these are emergent then it logically follows that logical analysis itself is an emergent property, it is *not* intrinsic to existence. It is possible in our existence because the One Rule as applied in our existence appeared to eventually have produced countability.

This means that the very idea of ideas is an emergent property of our existence.

This is a very weird thought. But remember that there is a whole bunch of stuff associated with the concept of an idea. An idea can be thought of as a synthesis of prior assumptions and ideas. Ideas have three forms: the pre-emergent form which is a conclusion which could be drawn if the right assumptions and prior ideas are present, the emergent or abstraction form where an entity has thought of the conclusion based on logical thinking, and the realized form, where the idea is implemented in a system which has the necessary assumptions and prior realized ideas.

Let’s talk about idea realization. We are nothing more than an idea. When we die, no twists disappear (assuming no mystical soul or other elements that would violate the One Rule). All the particles in our body still will exist, all the energy will still be there, just in a significantly less ordered state–and increasing in disorder as we decompose. But the ability to perform logical analysis is lost permanently, and memories stored in the biological components of our brain and spine are no longer retrievable (since no ordered system exists which can receive and process those memories). If no twists are lost (and if our dying doesn’t really impact quantum formation or annihilation of twists), that shows that our living state is merely a realization of an idea–the formation of, among other things, a set of twists that in some internally formed way is able to perceive an abstraction of itself and of the concept of ideas.

Hmmm. Time to chew on this some more–this is strange territory for me…


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