One Rule to rule them all

As I thought more about this realization that the impact of the quantum entanglement non-causality affects the very origin of complexity and math, it began to dawn on me that even the process of logical thinking becomes an artifact of a specific system. That is, our existence belies an anthropomorphic principle in action–the very meaning of logical thinking and the concept of an idea (a deduction based on analysis of presuppositions, or axioms) is dependent on how this existence was constructed. Or, in other words, distance, complexity, math, logic, thinking, existence, and ideas are all concepts that arose or came into being, they do not pre-exist without a system like ours.

This made me ask the question, if there are rules that form the existence of existence, math, logic, etc, then what would alternates look like, and how many rules must exist to create at least our existence where existence or logic means something. I began to realize that this is a “God” question. If there is more than one rule, then something must have created the distinction–the set of rules (similar to the emergence of countability in our existence giving rise to concepts and relations between concepts). Only if there is only one rule at the origin of both space and time could this existence be formed without a god. Then I realized my quest for better rules (than what physics now provides) is only useful if I find that one rule, otherwise I wouldn’t have answered the question of God’s existence. The trouble is, with the particle zoo growing come the Higgs particle, even if my hypotheses about charge loops, relativity, scale-less systems, group-causality/wave-noncausality etc are correct, I am so far from ever approaching the one rule that I can say with certainty that I will not answer that question. Suppose I do find that group waves are the cause of causality and the speed of light–I can inductively conclude that I cannot reach the One Rule (too many further questions to answer, and since inductive logic is a process confined to this anthropomorphic portion of the universe, there may simply be no way to access or sense the non-logic portions of the universe).

There is one way out–try to start with an idea about a plausible One Rule and see if an existence like ours will form without the help of an implied infrastructure. A big step toward this is the infinity * zero constructions of a scale-less system. How complex can the One Rule be before it really becomes multiple rules, and forces the existence of a guiding creator? I rather hit a wall with this thinking–it’s tough to imagine what it means to have a non-anthropomorphic world that does not have the concept of countability or distance providing the concept of distinction! Like the ant and relativity, I can’t answer whether that’s because my brain is simply unable to comprehend the general reality or whether there must be a God. And if I come to the conclusion that there must be a God, then there must be existence, and possibly distinction, unless I decide I am God or part of God–but it seems like I don’t know enough to be God, and if I’m part of God, then where did the pre-existing concept of distinction or partition come from?

These are roughly formed questions that need refining. Perhaps a simpler statement of the issue is this: My existence confines me from finding the One Rule or God. Does that mean it means nothing to pursue questions about either? Can I look from a time independent point of view and examine what it will mean if it were possible for me to ever find the One Rule? Right now, it appears that the answer is that no-one will ever find the One Rule, so while I might find or guess at more rules (as scientists and sci-fi writers have been doing throughout history) it isn’t going to get any of us to the final stage, so what does that make us?


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