being honest in one’s thinking

If anybody is following this, you will see that I base most of my posts (at least those written so far) on various concepts in physics. Yes, I draw a few conclusions of my own, but I try to be honest and clear about what I made up versus what I know to be common knowledge in the physics world. Good honest thinking, where you don’t try to convince anybody of anything and have no hidden agenda or crackpot theory to push, requires a big healthy dose of skepticism. I have no doubt that physicists who’ve paid their dues in study will look at what I’ve written and probably have some rather bemused thoughts about what I have written here.

If you are reading this and have your own ideas, don’t let that stop you! But be honest with yourself, don’t be a crackpot and think there’s going to be anything really there–those will be found by those who are lucky enough to be really really smart, been through a good university, and have spent their entire lives on the material.

Let me be perfectly clear–I write this with the intent of describing where my thinking goes, for better or worse, given what I know. I’m no Feynman, and I know that, and if you are following this, you need to know that too. I just try to draw conclusions based on what I know, am studying, or reading. Maybe I’ll discover something new, but the odds are way against that. I’ll save that for those who’ve made physics their career, I’m doing this because it’s really fun and interesting to me, not because I’m really going to discover something revolutionary.

That said, if you want to really study the physics world, take a look at this website–

what a marvelous service Gerard ‘t Hooft has done for all us wannabees! This Nobel Prize winner has taken the time to assemble the web-accessible knowledge and text books he believes is necessary and sufficient for becoming a self-taught *good* theoretical physicist. I plan to dig in! although, my interest is more philosophical–yet I want my thinking to be as solidly grounded in good science as possible. If you are like me and like thinking about our existence, you owe it to yourself to spend some level of effort on this material.


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