scale-less systems and God

An interesting revelation last night, and some thoughts that I’ve been circling around for a long time but am starting to see more directly.

First–when we look at the implications of a scale-less system, that is, a system which “starts out” with no distinguishing spatial or temporal characteristics (Aristotle’s “nothing” with no time), something becomes apparent. If our existence did *not* spontaneously emerge from some infinite treatment/scaling of a nothing spacetime, that would seem to imply a God, a pre-existing Creator. Sort of a variation of the old Who/what created the Creator type of argument, except more precise. A clearer way to see this is this: if there is no God, then our existence must have evolved somehow, both spatially/dimensionally and temporally, from a nothing scaled over an infinite range (it’s simple to prove that a finite ranged nothing could not evolve into something). While I am very suspicious of pure logic analysis in philosophy (Parmenides and others tried rationalism to deduce the difference between ideas and existence, when the real problem is nothing more than how these words are defined), it seems rigorous to say that if we assume there is no God and try to see if our existence could arise, we must also assume that the starting point is zero space-time with no evident dimensions. Otherwise, we have to assume that a non-zero space-time was either created or has “always existed”.

Created, of course, implies God–and “always existed” is a temporal concept that can be hard to wrap one’s mind around, and is worthy of more discussion. One way to define always existed would be to say that that space-time *is* God–it could not come to being on its own. Put another way, an “always existed” existence is a presumption of spatial and temporal content and requires an external Creator to bring it into reality.

So, since my working hypothesis is that this all emerged from zero spacetime without need for a Creator, the logical conclusion is that our existence is a scale-less system. If there were any absolutes, they would have to pre-exist, and thus this would not be a zero spacetime, and some form of a Creator would have to exist.

This is all a really long winded way of saying–either our existence is scale-less, or God exists.

So, now we get to the thinking I’ve been circling around but have really nailed down: the speed of light and the mass/radius/energy of electrons (or the relation of energy to frequency in a single photon) are all scale-less. They cannot depend on any pre-existing characteristic of space time. And thus, they have to be derivable in order to be emergent and constant throughout a spacetime that has no intrinsic scale.


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