Notes from my local thinking journal–some thoughts on charge loop

Thoughts on the ring charge loop. This will seem sort of random since I’m collecting thoughts I’ve accumulated over the last 6 months or so.

The scale-less substance gets e^i theta complex nature as a result of the relationship of the velocity vector to the substance vector B field is one of substance is parallel to or perpendicular to the direction of field flow. This assumes that the substance is always moving at c. Photons will have the substance vector comprising rotating (vector has angular momentum), whereas e/p will be local rings of the vector, moving at c, but with the substance vector having *no* angular momentum, thus switching from B to E with compton radius. Debatable whether one or two, chargeloop says two.

An E field would be a substance motion with (say) the substance vector perpendicular to the field motion from the source(s). B field will be parallel. This s/v relation of vectors creates the symmetry between E and B even in relativistic cases. This clearly is a valid model if not an exact physical statement of the field material. It permits interchange without energy loss and permits interchange depending on the frame of reference without energy loss.

There are several questions that still need to be addressed, especially the Lorentz force relations, and how quarks and other elementary particles play in this system. But having a solid representation of the material that covers the E and B cases has to be a starting point. This system has the additional benefit of giving a simpler mathematical model since now only one substance needs to be modeled and computed.

How then does acceleration of a ring, regardless of orientation, induce substance movement parallel to the substance vector? The ring itself is going to alternate between E and B, and its vector is not going to have an angular component. Note that the induction happens when the particle is moving (which means that the induction must vanish when using the frame of reference of the ring). The magnitude of the induction must be independent of the substance vector direction.

A deeper question is why would this substance emerge from a scaleless system. Such a system has the necessary simplicity necessary to emerge from an infinite empty field, but why or how would such a system emerge with a directional quantity? Would the substance need to have a magnitude or would a unit level system suffice? I suspect adding direction to a unitlevel system would work, but how would that emerge? And this still leaves the question of the apparent fixed energy of a ring.

More on this coming.


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