More notes from my local thinking journal–scaleless system implications

More from my local thinking journal: deriving rules of a scale-less system.

One interesting bit of information I did not know–it is not know whether gravity repels or attracts among two anti-particles. Since the chargeloop system does not model gravity this doesnt really change anything, but I was surprised that this is not known. CERN is supposed to do an experiment that will determine this before too long.

At this point, I am thinking that perhaps setting up a push and twist simulator might be valuable, but there is no natural substance that does this, and a computer simulation still seems unworkable–any mathematical representation still requires a prohibitive amount of memory, processing HW and processing time. I tried to think of things like an FPGA construction and a massive processor array (using cells with a DRAM or two and the Cirrus processor ala the ethernet network card), but no obvious means along this line seems workable. If there was some natural substance that could be analogous or enhanced to provide that behavior, we might get some good clues. Perhaps using a set of GPUs might work–but memory is still a problem.

I also am thinking, what could be said about a scale-less system? What behavioral rules are defined by such a system? And doesn’t even a scale-less system, with an infinity to enable emergence of lumpiness at some scale, have a potential problem with a defined perfectly zero space? Ignoring that case for the moment (it’s still going to be a 0*infinity case, so in theory it could be argued that something will emerge, as was originally proposed), what rules and properties will emerge?

First, we realize in a scale-less, property-less system with a non-zero continuum at some infinite scale, does not seem to imply a dimension. It could be argued that all dimensionally possible structures could emerge, but certain properties (such as push and twist) can only emerge in a three or more dimensions, and these may be necessary for aggregation or other entropy countering factors. And too many dimensions may also be destructive to aggrevation, since even in 3D there seem to be certain cluster properties that destroy clumping.

This raises an interesting point–to produce self sustaining structures from homogenous material, scale-less or not, clumping must be self sustaining and metastable, that is, once clumping begins, there must not be factors that outweigh and thus destroy the clumping. Probably some study of chaos theory would be appropiate on this subject. Clearly the ability to locally organize in a self sustaining structure is fundamental to the emergence of life/self aware objects without a guiding intellect.

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