More notes from my local thinking journal–quantum is phase and group

This post has the discovery that the quantum entangled state, and particle interference experiments, could be well explained by assuming that particles with mass move as a group velocity of waves, but all particles, massive or not, have phase information that travels at infinite speed. Again, these are copies of notes from my local thinking journal.

More thoughts, and a nice revelation. First, a correction on the F field (composite E/B material, where E is when substance is perpendicular to c velocity, B is parallel). The ring motion and photon motion solution must have the rotation diameter in line with the c velocity, (thus a circle representing the vector lies on the axis of motion. In the case of the ring, same thing, but then the circle is always tangent to and the diameter is parallel to the normal axis of the ring. In this case, the vector is tangent to the ring, then perpendicular to the tangent of the ring, then tangent again at the 180 degree point (but pointing in the opposite direction), then perpendicular but now pointing in the opposite direction. A spin-up solution is clockwise, spin down is counterclockwise.

In this model, it became apparent that the substance (field) magnitude is unimportant because energy is only relevant to the vector spin rate. In fact, this magnitude probably has to be constant regardless of frequency (otherwise the energy of the photon or ring would depend on it, but it doesn’t since E=hv). In the case of the photon, this spin rate can be anything. In the case of a ring, only certain very specific frequencies will create a ring (eg, electron). Other topological structures should be possible, but it is very clear that in the end, only that frequency and nothing else will produce a ring. It also is clear from the two slit experiment and large photons that a string model will not work–the field is distributed and has to be part of the particle. An infinitely thin ring or string will not cause wave/particle behavior shown by the two-slit experiment.

The Fourier transform method of locating a quantum particle start from the transform of the delta function, F(x,t) = Integral(e^i 2 pi (wt – kx) delta(x,t) dt dx. This results in the following: F(x,t) = e^i 2 Pi (wt – kx), and thus implies an infinite unit magnitude frequency distribution where the particles location is solely determined by the phase relationship of every possible frequency up to the frequency determined by the energy of the particle. However, that solution is for a delta function, but a photon or electron actually is a subset of those frequencies, each of whose magnitudes will be less than unity. Nevertheless, a particle’s motion will be solely determined by rotation of the frequency set. It is doubtful that this will be useful in understanding the construction of the particles. The critical question is clearly confined to nothing more than why does only one particular frequency of the vector rotation induce a stable ring. Nothing else matters (I think) not the field magnitude, the geometry of a ring, or anything else that I can think of. In the end, a constraint must be found that specifies the field path as straight for all cases unless this particular frequency occurs, which causes path curvature.

A couple of interesting related issues–I realized that entangled states imply that phase information transfer is not limited to the speed of light, but the group velocity of waves is (whether photon or ring. massless always goes the speed of light, but massive never does). In this model, it is possible to explain the two-slit and Aspect experiments. I also realized that looking for the cause of either the speed of light or the electron energy (the “magic frequency” or from now on, the ring frequency) may be an observational issue as opposed to an actual constant of the universe. For example, it is possible that the speed of light pops out simply because time is a scaleless entity and it results from some kind of ratio given that we are particle-derived observers in an infinite (no-time) universe. In addition, I realized that the group velocity of waves creates a quantum entity by shifting the phase of the set of waves described above, and that the speed of light may actually be some maximum rate of phase shifting. But as mentioned before, my real suspicion is that the Fourier decomposition of quantum particles is a mathematical artifact and is not going to be useful.


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