More notes from my local thinking journal–God’s existence

More from my local thinking journal. Here I talk about what the thinking so far seems to imply about the existence of God, and a little about the Bible and what thinking/conclusions could be drawn from it, especially Jesus’s Cruxifiction.

Lets digress for a little while and talk about my current thinking about God. Recently a letter from Einstein was released that indicated that he felt (organized? I can’t remember) religion was childish and superstitious… That God wasn’t needed to explain the properties and behavior of the universe. He seemed to imply (going from memory) that there was possibly a sort of Gaia like existence that could be God, but that the role assigned to God by current religion was not correct. My own thinking is pretty strong that God doesn’t appear to have either directly created or is actively guiding this universe–that the behavior and outcome of what we see does not require a guiding intelligence. However, it is quite possible and almost certainly impossible to determine if God created or guided the infrastructure that allowed this universe to come into being–a sort of second level (or further) up of control. As a result, Einstein’s dismissing of God because the existence does not require Him appears to be incorrect logic–there are levels of creation/interaction that could very well have been very intentional.

What is very clear though is the evidence appears to be very good that God does not want to be detected, and that means that there appears to be no intervention and no sensing evidence that this universe would require an intelligent guide or creator. If God is there, He doesn’t want to be detected at this stage in ham evolution. Of course that presumes that God knows how to present Himself that we could detect him unequivocally.

All of the stuff in the Bible raises a lot of questions, but does not really address whether the Bible is divine, or divinely inspired. There’s enough unusual behavior/activity at the time to make it difficult to discern whether God did intervene or not–earthquake and eclipse at the time of cruxifiction, the adjacent (apparently) accurate depiction of historical events leading up to the cruxifiction, and so on. It’s pretty clear from my reading of the Bible that there was a powerful drive to make prophecies come true, even by Jesus. There’s just too many questions, although my hunch is that many of the events that seem to show divine intervention are actually due to this drive by many of the people of the time to make prior prophecies come true.

So where does this put me in this discussion? Well, really nowhere. God isn’t necessary or apparent in this existence on a first level, but the electron constants and the difficulty of getting 0*infinity concepts (scaleless systems) to actually emerge with a something mean that we can’t write off God either. It’s inconclusive, and in fact I have no hint as to which is the correct answer. There’s pretty plausible points of view either way.

As a result, I think we have to proceed as if God is not there. If he is, but there’s no evidence for Him, it’s a tree that fell in the forest–it does not affect the outcome of whatever conclusions I can draw. The Bible has evidence for Him, but it is entangled with the biblical historical context where ancient prophecies appeared to become self-fulfilling.


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