More notes from my local thinking journal–God frequency of ring, c

More thoughts from my local thinking journal. Here I think about the God frequency and whether a scaleless system would give rise to our existence without a Creator.

It is clear to me that only two questions are of interest. Why is the speed of light, the group velocity of waves, what it is, and why is the ring frequency what it is. Actually another question also pops up–are these the same question asked in different ways. It’s quite obvious that far greater thinkers than me have long addressed these questions without satisfactory result, so clearly I have to work outside their box–I have to make some assumptions different than theirs. I choose the following: vector rotation of the F field creates the E and B fields, rings (or other stable topological entities) of this rotation make particles, the magnitude of the F field is unimportant and is constant, that phase information goes at infinite speed, and scaleless system mathematics can be applied.

In this picture, can a logical explanation for a unique ring frequency and speed of light be found?

The thinking now is no. The ring frequency–or what now might be called the “God frequency”, hopefully not too disrespectfully, cannot come from any construction due to the current model. More thought will hopefully reinforce this, but all geometrical aspects covered so far do not produce a uniqueness at any given frequency of rotation. In fact, so far a valid argument could be made that picking *any* frequency would create a system that would create particle structures and life as we know it. The Scaleless system approach clearly shows this to be true, since frequency is a function of time, a scaleless parameter. Thus, it could then be argued that within my model, there is no unique frequency, and thus the frequency set for this universe is NOT due to the construction of the universe. It is selected by a higher order system and imposed on our observed system.

This doesn’t mean there is proof of God–because it would be easy to create a higher order system that sets this frequency, and it seems clear that an intelligent entity is not required to do this. In particular, I suspect that a 4D sphere (not including time) could have an oscillator at its center, and waves propagating from the center would produce a constant stimulating entity within our 3D+T space that would potentially produce the behaviors we see, such as curvature or folding back only if the ring had a resonance with the stimulating frequency. A central source would be able to have several frequencies corresponding to the various particles in our universe. The new question then becomes why are these frequencies chosen, and the answer will just simply be completely beyond our ken unless we are somehow able to explore or create an effective model of the 4D system source.

Because it is unlikely that there will be any upper level system that could not be determined to operate autonomously, no amount of investigation by humanity is likely to ever detect a construction that can unambiguously determine God’s existence.

Further study should be able to create some constructs that narrow down how a central source could stimulate a 3D + T surface of a 4D sphere, and in fact some thinking along these lines is definitely doable and indicated. It may even be possible to come up with a unique construction that would give clues as to the composition of the 4D sphere. But if a higher level system is invoked, it seems unlikely that the God frequency causes are discernable by humans. I suspect the only hope is to think of a way to explore the 4D sphere, or especially the generating source, if indeed this is the best way to construct a system that induces the God Frequency(ies) on our existence.

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