back to the Ring

OK, given that we assume that our existence must be scale-less and there is no God (otherwise my most fundamental question has been answered), let’s look at either the quantized photon or the fixed size of the electron (assuming the Ring theory). Is there a way to use the infinite speed wave phase, group wave speed c hypothesis to explain either of these.

That is the most important question there is right now–and given that the Ring theory for mass particles such as electrons is questionable, let’s start with the photon. The photon experiences zero time passage in its journey (in its frame of reference moving at speed c, it will appear to have experienced no time passage according to relativistic mechanics. The two slit experiment shows interference unless some means of detecting passage through one of the two slits, in which case the interference distribution disappears. Using infinite speed phase information permits this to happen if you assume that a photon detector will disturb the phase information unpredictably, causing the loss of the interference distribution.

Can infinite phase/group velocity theory explain the quantization of a photon? Thoughts to come.

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