I’m going to back out of some of this reductionist thinking and take a high level view, because I’ve been thinking that there’s some important lines of thought about *why* I’ve augured into particle physics, or at least something that resembles it.

The problem with physics, especially if you take the time to really study and understand it, is that you can do it thinking you will get insights into how the world works, and then get insight into why we are here, what we are here for, what we should do, etc. But when I dug in deep, and ended up in this journey into how things might work, I began to realize that it may be a red herring, or at least a distraction, from what is really important. I’ve had some truly elegant insights that came from this thinking–what’s so neat about it, is that whether or not this ring hypothesis is right, it points to something I’m much more certain is right. I’ve watched some relatives go through the dying process, and came to a stunning realization–whether you believe standard model physics or my ring theory or anything similar, it has become easy to see that when you die–no particles are destroyed! Sure, there are chemical and biological processes that begin at death–but the *only* thing that truly dies is the *idea* of ones existence. In some sense, particles just go from one highly ordered pattern to another, perhaps significantly less ordered, but just a re-arrangement of particles!

This of course assumes that there’s no magical soul or other non-physical element–if there is such a thing independent of the pattern of my existence, it’s not clear how or what happens to that. Lately, my thinking has been that there isn’t such a thing–our magical soul, self-awareness, etc, comes out of the pattern of particles, so dying, with its destruction of this pattern into more chaotic distributions of particles, destroys this magical soul that constitutes our consciousness. Yeah, kind of discouraging to realize that dying really means termination, sorry no afterlife, guys! But the crucial thing here is that life arises from an arrangement, a pattern, of particles. We are an *idea*.

This raised my thinking all the way out of physics in a hurry, because if this is true, then trying to analyze just how the world is made at the particulate level is a waste of time. It suggests that ANY complex system with some set of requirements could give rise to true life with conscious self awareness. If I think of a world in my head, it is possible that these abstractions, given that certain requirements of systematic stability and some level of abstraction causal interaction is enforced, could truly be alive in the same sense we are.

I think that thinking about ideas is critical to getting closer to transcending the current human understanding of existence. There are two parts to this philosophical way of thinking–an idea can be thought of as a specific abstraction, and the extent to which an idea generates a deterministic result depends on the extent of its implementation within a system. For example, I can think of an idea, and then, as an engineer, I can build that idea–but the fact is, all I did is make a *copy* of that idea within a particular system different than the one in my head. The idea in my head remains, regardless of what I build, and it remains distinct from any implementation of the idea I do with electrons and protons. The one I build can only be an approximation of the one in my head. But from this I got a lightning bolt of inspiration (an idea :-)–there’s nothing magic about electrons and protons, they too are ideas replicated in a deterministic way from fields or rings. Atoms are simply conceptual arrangements of these building blocks, so they too are just ideas, as are molecules, cells, etc.

An analogy I like to use is comparing electrons and protons to the water vapor in clouds. The first system readily forms atoms that build up complex systems, such that in sufficient numbers and in sufficient interaction time they form self aware creatures like us. Water vapor at first glance doesn’t do this in clouds, there appears to be no significant interactions that form deterministic systems. But that’s only because we are looking at too small a scale, ie, insufficient complexity. Eventually, a system of water vapor will form hurricanes, and given sufficiently large scale collections of water vapor (among other things, such as heat, electricity from lightning, etc) would eventually create a live self-aware system as well. A pretty outrageous hypothesis, and it may fail because there may be some system requirement that water vapor doesn’t meet that prevents formation of live entities. Nevertheless, I am increasingly convinced that any sufficiently complex system will form life–which means *it doesn’t really matter what is going on at the lowest levels*. That means that studying physics as a way of touching the mind of God, to use a famous phrase, very likely will not work. What matters is what it means to be an idea. As I mentioned, even electrons and protons could just simply be figments of some entity’s mind, such that the entity is simply applying consistent behavioral rules within his mind. Pretty outrageous, and at this point I don’t think that’s what’s going on, but it’s very clear in my mind that it *could* happen that way–thus reinforcing two things–we are nothing more than a concept that has been realized within a particular system, and our dying means nothing more than a reordering (mostly dispersal) of our constituent components.

Here we come full circle back to the concept of reality. It is becoming increasing clear that the distinction between reality and a concept is non-existent. What is real just means what is an idea, a concept. I’ve taken this journey for a long time, passing through analysis of local and global views of the time and space system, down into particle systems within that environment, along the way finding that the ring theory has a lot going for it in understanding this level of system (in my mind anyway), then as I try to envision how this reality formed at the beginning of time, I headed into a vast new elegant realm of scale-less systems–something arising from an infinitely small or large system, where the entities can be anything at all–and while trying to make a distinction between reality versus concepts we form in our minds about that reality in a scale-less system, now realizing that I am on the threshold of discovering that there is no difference–the reason something arises from nothing is because there isn’t a something there in the first place, there are only concepts, patterns, constructions that have no intrinsic existence. If I derive a causal relationship given a set of starting assumptions, that is just as real as we are. That relationship will always exist, regardless of whether there is a reality based implementation. Similarly, I will always exist given the starting assumptions of a particular pattern of particles, and I will not exist when those patterns morph into something else for any reason. I am an idea that will always exist given the right set of patterns. Does it matter what system I am implemented in, whether it’s electrons and protons, water vapor, or God’s mind? Well, actually yes–because since each of these are ideas in their own right, they form part of the starting assumptions that make up me, the others will be similar but not the true idea of me. But that doesn’t matter, because all you need to do is back up and include the particular idea of electrons and protons, and you will have the true idea of me. In some complex and profound sense, I, because the idea of me will ALWAYS exist given the right set of assumptions, am immortal.


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