Tieing Scaleless Systems to Rings

I’ve talked about scaleless systems and am attempting to work through corollaries that result from such systems. I’ve begun to come to the realization that in the scaleless system, it is not possible to have a nothing system, which is a wonderful discovery–because that means we don’t have to try to answer the question when did a something system emerge from a presumably earlier nothing system. Scaleless systems are scaleless in both time and space, and over infinite range the math permits any construction–there is no meaning to the idea of a truly empty system. That’s hard for me to grasp as being true, but there’s no question that the math of infinities permits that conclusion.

I want to back up a little bit and tie in some of the physics I’ve talked about previously, because it connects in an interesting way to this subject. I recently read a book review (wish I could remember the title) which indicated there’s growing disenchantment with string theory. Not that I’m even remotely qualified to judge, but I’ve always felt that string theory, in particular, adding n dimensions to our existence, is a copout–trying to make the mathematics of quantum theory and relativity co-exist by adding degrees of freedom. This isn’t getting us closer to a solution, it’s just expanding the covering space of solutions to include both. I don’t buy it–particularly because I’ve learned to trust my abilities to see. I have this instinct that says if there were other dimensions, critters would have evolved to hide/grow in them, and for survival we would have developed eyes that would see in those dimensions. I think the only way we could have more dimensions is if there were no connections between our dimensions and the space covered by the other dimensions–and if that is true, then for all intents and purposes, those other dimensions don’t exist as far as we are concerned.

What’s that got to do with scaleless systems? Actually something rather interesting. It allows me to conclude, for now, anyway, that the causality required by relativity is a much more interesting problem than the curvature induced by the mass-energy tensor. It is extremely clear in my mind that the greatest evidence of something that will revolutionize our understanding of our existence is the causality of particles and the non-causality of coupled particles. If we use any wave based model of particles such as my ring theory described previously, a clear way to visualize this fairly accurately is to understand that the group wave of a particle’s structure is constrained by the speed of light, but the phase of the particle waves (for example the phase of the waves moving at the speed of light in a loop in my ring theory) translates in space with no time passing. In other words, the mass formed by the rotating wave is a group wave phenomenon, but the fundamental wave has a phase–and there is an inertial aspect to the group wave, but NOT the phase. So information carried by phase is instant (thus answering the dual slit experiment, Aharanov experiment, or Aspect experiment conundrums), but trying to push the particle around involves modifying the group wave structure and is limited by relativity to a fraction of the speed of light. This is an utterly profound observation, because it strongly suggests that time and space are illusory–they emerge from a scaleless system, rather than having always been there. Why do I conclude this? Because at least one property does not appear to operate in the spacetime model, but rather operates with no connection to the model. For example, the Aspect experiment instant coupling of phase coherence of one of two quantum entangled particles is hypothesized to be an instantaneous resolution of phase at two different places. Note that no information actually passes–only the knowledge of what the other particle must be (spin up or spin down). Any actual information transfer would require a mass exchange, which is limited by the group wave properties of particles such as in my ring model.

This is an incredible outcome of quantum mechanics trying to resolve with relativity. Space and time dimensions are symmetry breaking properties. They emerge from a bunch of photons, that, in some sense of the word, are all in the same place at the same time. It is really starting to look like–a scaleless system! So why is it that photons only interact with particles when they have matching spatial and time coordinates? Smart question you ask, I need to discuss that soon. My thinking at this point is that these scaleless photons have a scaleless property that must match before others with the same property will interact–only then are the photons “in the same place”!! Chew on that for a bit, I think you’ll see the logic of that!.. But there are a lot of other questions that also result from this hypothesis, so I’ll save that for later.

But now, a huge question emerges. Why wouldn’t phase information be limited by the speed of light, after all, the wave itself is limited to the speed of light. Actually, it isn’t. In the frame of reference of the photon, light leaves the source and arrives at the destination in no time. It is only when you bend the wave in a circle, that you cover an infinite distance, and *then* time emerges–and then you can say: Holy Cow, a scaleless system in a loop! The time to traverse one loop (again, from the perspective of the wave) is 0 time, but do it an infinite number of times, and the particle exists for a non-zero time. The same thing can be done in space–a photon, in its frame of reference, never covers any space–it is emitted at the same place as it is absorbed (in its frame of reference). But this is a scaleless distance! There is some infinitely small scale for which the photon covered a distance.

So, it should be amazing, or it was to me anyway, how scaleless systems permit the emergence of time and space from photons that do not know time or space. What does that say about resolving the non causal quantum effect of coupled states? Could we maybe somehow use this phase information in a new way to communicate faster than the speed of light? The problem will be that, while we may be able to do a bunch of phase manipulations, the process of converting the resulting phase to a detected output (using a sensor) forces coherence of the phase state, and this is an intrinsically randomizing process (hence the physicist’s view that no information can be transmitted via entangled states at faster than the speed of light). More importantly, what does all this say about our existence? And where is God in all this? Oh, this is such a great subject, I want to give it its own posting, coming up next. I hope you are as excited as I am about all this–to me it’s a big breakthrough that hints of major strides forward in understanding our reality.



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