Digging deeper into Nothing. Will I get Somewhere?

I’ve been doing some rather unfocused thinking about setting up an architecture for scaleless systems. I have gotten to this point by analyzing what we can conclude about our common global reality, and discovering the critical question–could this global reality have arisen from nothing? Once you dig into this question, new ones pop up, like what is nothing, and how could we go from a nothing to a something. Then a bunch more questions pop up–is it possible to go from a something to a nothing, and could a something border a nothing. And still further, are dimensions something that pop up from nothing, or does nothing include the concept of dimensions. And–are the rules for time dimensions different from space dimensions (both time and space are scaleless systems, whether they are nothing or not). But if dimensions form from nothing systems, then why haven’t more dimensions, time or space, apparently formed from nothing?

Obviously, this is a whole rich vein of thinking that requires a systematic analysis in order to get decent answers. I’m guessing that these questions and analysis fall into some branch of philosophy and it would be worthwhile to do a little research here. In the meantime, I’ll continue to create corollaries for my scaleless system artifice. As I dig into the methodologies used to create a new mathematics for scaleless systems, it’s becoming obvious that careful thinking and rigorous methods will be necessary–one misstep will head into a jungle of thought that has no connection to reality.

Before I dig in, and try to approach this somewhat rigorously by setting up a system of rules, I think it would be valuable to think–just what parameters configure a scaleless system. Kind of a stupid question in a way–“I have a non-existent system. Obviously it has no scale. What are the parameters of this system”! It’s ok. You can think I’m being stupid. But I really think this is a rich gold mine of new ideas. I have absolutely nothing in this system. What parameters in this system are scaleless? Can this system have boundaries? It may sound silly for a nothing system to have boundaries, but both questions are fascinating in its own right if you realize that a nothing system is nothing more than a scaleless system. For example–what parameters are scaleless in this system is really amazing the more you think of it, because it sheds a very new light on our something system (ie, a system that is not nothing, it has at least a measurable something in it). We’ve already seen that both space and time are scaleless in this system–but I suddenly realized something else is scaleless–scaleless in a very profound sense. When we have a something system, we have entities in it, such as a field of electrostatic potential. This potential has magnitude and direction–both of which could be scaleless parameters in a nothing system. But far more important is the realization that the very entity itself is a scaleless parameter. My amazement at this may be very hard to see if this is your first exposure to my thinking about scaleless systems, but I think if you think about this a bit, you’ll see where I’m headed. I’m not in the cave full of treasure yet, but I do get the sense that I’m near something very big here… I also realized that even though a something system has stuff in it, it is STILL SCALELESS, the rules that formed something from nothing are still here, which means that more new somethings can emerge–which might explain why the universe is so vast. Just because some somethings appeared, doesn’t prevent more nothing getting turned into something.

Space. Time. Entity. Connections between scaleless systems. What scaleless properties are preserved from nothing to something, and what symmetry breaks when something is created.

Either you think I’m a totally blathering idiot–or you are as excited as I am as I travel into this bizarre world..



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