back out of science for a bit

Hello again. A long delay as I’ve had to put the thinking journal aside for a while. School, work, performances, and some intense work on another big project of mine have swallowed up all of my time! But I’ve started back into thinking about things and have a few things I want to say now.

First, I’m going to back out of that heavy duty science analysis for a bit. I augured in deep–and while I’d like to show you the math, that really is a detail for another time. I suppose if I were trying to convince you that what I say is true, I need to do that. But I’m not. I’m just describing and organizing my thought processes here, you can choose whether it’s worth your time or not. I’m pretty sure it’s true, yet it runs into a problem–why do particle accelerators not show evidence of these rings? They seem to show that electrons are infinitely small points. I think I know why this is happening, and want to write about that–but not now. Let’s rise above this particular cluster of ideas and see where the concept goes. After all, as I’ve mentioned before–science is all about digging deep and verifying every detail so that you can build a rock-solid foundation on what you have concluded. The trouble is, that takes so long and requires so much heavy duty work that I’d like to just do some thinking on what this all means for now.

The most interesting question that emerge from all this science is the lack of absolute indexes on our scale, either in time or space. From this apparent lack of scale emerges points (sub-atomic particles) that seem to be characterizable as photons bent into a self-sustaining loop (the rings I’ve described in detail previously). In the hypothesis I am chewing on right now, I am focusing on the very initial transition of existence at the Big Bang. Here, let’s say there was a linear photon symmetry, that is there were only linear moving phtotons that arrive at the same time as when they were emitted and have no separation in space. This is true because in the frame of reference of photons, using the Lorentz equations, photons have no time to their existence and cover no distance. This is tenable because in this frame of reference, the only one possible right now, there is also no energy (no time or distance presupposes no ability to transition to another state, so there cannot be an energy to do so). It is only in the frame of reference of our current existence that a propagation time and distance comes into existence.

In that very initial phase of the Big Bang of universe formation, only that dimensionless array of photons exists, which should be proposed as existing without time or distance. I’m positing that this initial energy takes the form of photons only, no particles–objects that have no space or time element in its frame of reference. I think the initial configuration would have to be “traveling” all in the same direction, otherwise dimensions would already be present and I’m positing that dimensions emerge with the formation of particles. This “travel” would have no time component, since otherwise there would also be a pre-existing time component, and in any case, photons, in their own frame of reference, do not experience a time interval.

Note that this hypothesized beginning has no scale, hence no predefined energy, even possibly no energy, thus providing a path for how the something from nothing conundrum might be resolved. We’ve previously examined how a scale-less system has rules due to infinite range, and these rules may permit emergence (something to augur in on later). Now, let’s suppose that two of this array of photons all traveling in the same direction somehow interact. Yeah, I know, pretty speculative and handwavy and all that. I’m just thinking, abstracting, seeing if something emerges from this line of thought (what a weird thing to say given that that is exactly what I’m try to describe as the initial moments of the Big Bang. Could it be, that the Big Bang is nothing more than some great entity’s, say God’s, ideas taking root, and then getting flushed out into reality as we know it? See the previous early discussions on what global reality might really be). In this interaction, the photons fold on each other and form a particle, thus forming something that has a different frame of reference than the original array of particles. In fact, such an interaction *forms* the concept of a frame of reference, since prior to this there was none (actually there is only one frame of reference, and this is equivalent to saying there are *no* frames of reference). All the spacetime entities emerge at once: space, time, energy, and frames of reference.

Yow. I don’t feel like I’ve described the amazing level of what I am thinking very well here. When you think of a traveling array of photons taking no time or distance to reach their “destination”, there is no space and no time (and no energy levels). There is only a single frame of reference, so nothing exists outside of this dimensionless, timeless array. When a single pair of photons interact, all of a sudden, a second frame of reference appears that is not traveling with the rest of them, and this emergence of a frame of reference defines the dimensions that then come into being. I see a clear way how space, time, and energy can emerge if that happens. What I don’t see yet is how the emergence of a perturbation could happen–but if it does, the whole rest of the Big Bang seems clear. Somewhere in the rules of infinite scale is the ability for things to emerge–I need to spend time thinking about that, because once I have that, all the rest of the pieces make sense, I think. So I need to examine the concept of existence within a system of infinite scales. Time and space and particles emerge from that. How? Here is the key to our existence, if I can see this correctly. It all comes down to answering Aristotle’s question of how something can emerge from nothing.



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