the rings of reality

OK, I,m back. Illness, then a family vacation, so I was out for a while.

I left off about a month ago with my study and analysis of reality. I began with a set of guidelines for this thinking journal, and then worked out a basic set of assumptions. From there, I spent a bit of time on the concept of truth (truth is not all that useful a concept) and meaning of life (even less useful a concept unless we realize that we have the freedom to define it). Then I got down to business and started to work on the concept of reality. It became useful to me to break that down to local reality (the only “real” reality, sensory input) and the implied global reality. The goal, at least for now, is to make statements about our common global reality. Most people go through life thinking we all share reality, but the fact is that none of us really do, and as a result, what that global reality is is much tougher to define than it appears.

To work on global reality, it is necessary to analyze our local reality and to see the limitations of our view of it. Traditionally, science has presupposed three dimensions and time, but these are assumptions with heavy baggage. I try to show that the only thing we are fairly certain of is that there are sensed objects that move. From here, we can choose to create three dimensions, but that is an arbitrary choice–we could assume that reality exists on an outward spherical spiral (reality is one dimensional) or consists of outward circular spirals (reality is two dimensional), or an infinity of other possibilities. Realizing that, I spend some time with space and time, trying not to head down these pre-arranged assumptions of science in an effort to see our local reality more clearly and to make better conclusions about our global reality.

I then describe the conflicting science views of the causal and quantum nature of global reality, the current most significant controversy/paradox of physics today. I gave a basic description of the special relativity transforms of frames of reference and of the quantum principle of entanglement. I want to assume that these views are both accurate descriptions of our global reality, so I prepared you for a circular line of thought (ahem, that’s a pun)– that circles, or rings, seem to show a way out of the paradox and simultaneously show a clearer picture of what our global reality is.

Let’s start by making a single assumption that I will call the founding assumption. All elements of the global reality travel at the speed of light.

Whoopy doo, you say. We already know that the speed of light (ignoring quantum perturbations for now) is the maximum speed for any real particle. Wait. Read that more carefully. All elements travel AT the speed of light! Not any slower, not stopped! First, let me define element as a basic building block of our reality, and for the time being I will assume that that field element is an electromagnetic entity. I really should be more rigorous but I don’t want to get bogged down with that now, I want you to see the power of the overall concept before trying to fill in the details. To help visualize this abstraction, recognize that aggregate combinations of these elements can easily be seen to form a photon, a massless particle with momentum that moves at the speed of light.

If an aggregate can be formed in a ring, the elements move at the speed of light around the ring. The founding assumption is still being met, but the aggregate now is free to move at any speed less than the speed of light (at the speed of light, it’s easy to use geometry to see that there’s no way to meet the founding assumption, a ring requires transverse motion such that a field element would have to be moving at greater than the speed of light). Here’s the amazing thing about this idea–if you move this aggregate ring, the founding assumption requires that the aggregate particle obeys the Lorentz Transforms! Not only that, but it requires that the aggregate particle obeys the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics! It also gives the particle mass (by converting the field entities momentum into ring distortion when a force is applied) and computes both electrostatic attraction and repulsion (a current problem in physics is electrostatic attraction, which has a momentum problem–shooting photons at another particle should not cause attraction because momentum is not conserved). There’s another very interesting aspect to this idea–the dichtomy between “free” particles such as photons, and “bound” particles such as electrons. Both sets of elements travel at the speed of light, with no apparent time passing over the time of their travel, and no mass, only momentum, in the frame of reference of their direction of travel. By folding the path of motion into a ring, a symmetry breaking occurs, and sublight speed, sublight lengths, and particle mass all emerge.

It does many other things as well, and I want to auger in a bit to detail why I can make such a bold set of statements. In the end, I believe that the founding assumption will allow us to create a model of the global reality that resolves the paradox between causality and quantum entanglement, and much more important, will give us a guiding light into the very deep waters of our global reality. Let’s start with the Lorentz transforms. If you recall, these transforms describe how space and time distort when an observer looks at something (say, a clock) that is moving at high speeds relative to himself. I ask you to look at this clock as if it were composed of these aggregate particles. In fact, it is probably easiest to visualize the clock as a single aggregate particle obeying the founding assumption. Now. Use geometry to describe how this clock changes when you accelerate it to high speeds. Use the time for the particle elements to complete a single loop from the observer’s perspective to determine the apparent time of the clock. If you do the geometry, you will discover (and be a bit shocked like I was) to discover that this founding assumption leads to the Lorentz transforms of special relativity! All you need is the founding assumption (all elements go AT the speed of light) and rings. If you need a hint, note that in space time, a ring will form a spiral or a cycloid (or a combination of the two, depending on the ring’s orientation). Unroll the spiral, enforce the speed of the ring entities, and see what happens to the aggregate component dimensions and the time to cycle around the spiral.

Is that astonishing or what! Next time, I’ll derive it a bit, then go into why the property of mass and inertia fall out of this.

You may wonder, when will we ever get to the heavy duty stuff, like “Is God there” and “Why am I here, what is my purpose”, etc–All I can say is, be patient with me, I’ll get there–trust that this foray into some pretty deep science is necessary to set a valid foundation for those questions. If I don’t do that, the chance of my finding a valid path (the truth, if you wish) is much, much smaller. Global reality is incredibly deep and the number of false paths are so many.



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