The Rules of Engagement for this Thinking Journal

I like to think. In this journal I will try not to blather, but some of you will think that I am anyway–but I still will try to be concise and honest–I will try to base my thinking on reasonably established knowledge so that you don’t have to throw up your hands and say what a lot of bs. Nevertheless, some of what I conclude, readers will undoubtedly say that ain’t so. If you like to think, just trust that I’m trying to be honest and careful with the assumptions I choose.

Here are the rules and assumptions I will use in this journal.

a. I will generally attempt to think logically. Hopefully you’ll see statements that go like this: because of this and this, I think that this is the consequence

b. I will try to minimize the number and depth of my assumptions–and may sometimes come back to my core set of assumptions and change something.

c. My thinking will be based on my sensory input and memories. Just because (for example) the Bible says this, that’s not going to be (by itself) enough to declare it as truth.

d. When I decide that an assumption or conclusion has to be made, and there is insufficient information to be able to say “this consequence logically follows”, I may choose to jump to a conclusion. Usually you will see me use the principle of most likeliness. I will weigh various conclusions based on a most likely probability. If I can substantiate a conclusion as having “most likely” status, I will often go down that thinking path.

e. I will spend what may seem like a pedantic and ponderous amount of time on semantics, such as “what does it really mean to be most likely, or what does it mean to be real”. I do this because I think our minds ability to absorb and abstract various concepts is severely constrained by our vocabulary’s ability to cover the space of all concepts and ideas.

f. There are going to be–to the best of my ability–no sacred cows in my thinking. Be warned. I will be tactful (and not crude) but I will not put bounds on my thinking for arbitrary reasons, and may offend some. No offense is intended, but I definitely will not observe taboos as far as what is appropriate to think about or what conclusions can be drawn. I am a free thinker, I could go anywhere.


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